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When will it be me?

Hi i'm Vicky, CEO at Fertility Wish Support.

I know what it's like to be on this fertility rollercoaster, I know just how hard it is to try to hold down a job, friendships and relationships whilst trying to bring home a baby. Thoughts around when will it be me, will it ever be my turn and how trying to manage those thoughts and feelings on a day to day basis over a long period of time, and I also know what it's like to not have the right support in place. This is why I'm passionate and proud to have created Fertility wish support. I'm passionate about helping you to take back the control when everything seems uncontrollable, to be emotionally in control and living fully in the wait.
Studies have shown and proven how detrimental stress can be on our bodies. The turmoil we go through emotionally has such a damaging impact when trying to conceive and can effect how our bodies work, from our ovulation cycles to how we show up in our lives, with friends, family, work and with our partners. 

(In)fertility can affect all areas of our lives as we carry the weight of our fertility journey wherever we go.

We start to un jumble all the thoughts and feelings and gain clarity around how we feel and then work towards improving how life feels for you, all done by using a unique blend of counselling and coaching and CBT elements to bring you back to a neutral place and out of the emergency state.

Take back the control and take back your life while enhancing fertility success. 
Don't let how we process our emotions have that control on what you desire most. Our subconscious mind can send unhelpful messages to our bodies and can prevent what we are working so hard for.

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Emotional Support and Guidance

How it works

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the rollercoaster of emotions? It's not easy navigating the fertility journey you find yourself on, I've been there! but being the best version of you will certainly help shift the balance back to where it needs to be to travel this journey with enthusiasm, positivity and good mental and physical health. I also teach techniques along with a powerful bespoke strategy to better manage the emotional stress you might be feeling right now. Unravelling the overwhelm and offering a place to feel supported, heard and understood and then offering a personalised strategy moving forward. offering a variety of coaching services that will nurture your spirit, help you overcome your personal challenges, and allow you to achieve your fertility goals! We work together with you to create your reality. Why waste another day?

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"It's Not about trying to weather the storm

It's learning to dance in the rain"

Vicky Bonnefoy

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